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i need the winter episodes NOW


holy fucking shit the last 5 minutes of the Suits finale!!!!!!!!!!!1

Conversations with my 4 year old niece

  1. Me: Juli, why do you like painting your nails so much?
  2. Her: because I feel precious
my cousin drew this Taylor Swift for me and I am in loOoOoOve

my cousin drew this Taylor Swift for me and I am in loOoOoOve

Handwriting meme

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i recently reached 3k followers and i honestly can’t believe it! when i made this blog, i never expected to have not only this many followers but to have such sweet people following me, coming to my inbox and saying the sweetest things, reblogging my stuff, visiting my blog consistently. you’re so much more than “followers” to me, y’know? not to mention the amazing friends i’ve made in the time i’ve been here. i can’t thank you all enough for being so great to me all the time and making me smile constantly. you’re all such wonderful dumplings and i love you all so much! so here’s my first follow forever for you guys. :)

italicized are those i consider my lovely, amazing friends and bold+italicized are the people i’ve become closest to and that mean tons to me. i love and appreciate you all so much and i’d love to get to know you all better because i adore you, as well as your blogs! 


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"it’s always easier when you’re here."

make me choose  anon asked callie or  mariana


John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are my favorite couple ever

  1. Person: *dislikes my fave character*
  2. Me: *gets offended*
  3. Person: *has the same fave character as me*
  4. Me: *gets offended*

We keep digging ourselves in deeper!


hearing a story thats obviously made up


"Do I call you officer Toby or cadet Toby? I like cadet, it sounds like you’re in space command"

sometimes I’m Spencer, sometimes I’m Toby


Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching tonight’s episode and be sure to hashtag for the summer event #fatalfinale and share all your theories on Twitter and social media. We loved chatting with you tonight. Thank you!