Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (07.21.2007)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (07.21.2007)

So Torrey Devito posted this picture with the little girl who will be playing young Melissa. And you can see a christmas tree in the background.

Does this mean that we’re getting baby Spencer? BABY SPENCER WEARING A TINY BLAZER AND KNEE HIGH SOCKS? COULD IT BE?


Pretty Little Liars Season 65. “Tonight we find out who A is!”

left to right: emily, hanna, aria, spencer

correction: Aria on the left, then  there’s Spencer judging Aria’s fashion choices, then there’s Emily in blue clearly worried about something. And Hanna is in the back.

Favorite Spencer Hastings Outfits: 5/•

orphan black meme | 1/1 otp: sarah and cal

"Can’t you stop running for a minute?"

Dakota Fanning photographed by Terry Richardson (2011)

actresssinger7 replied to your post: I made this birthday card for a friend…

please send this to me for my birthday this year

sure thing! but you need a new card. your card def needs Cosima.


the best ask i think i’ve ever gotten was last night when flor asked me about watching heathers the musical AND matilda the musical and then said “i’m pretty sure you must be aware of some broadway black market where you can get these”

"broadway black market" i’m dying

and then she proceeded to offer me like 5 different versions of Matilda so who was right huh? HUH? 


this show seriously tackles all issues

CLONE CLUB! does anyone have a link for that video of the OB table read? pleaaaase?

Tatiana Maslany behind the scenes of Orphan Black Season 2

I had to make a new Pottermore account because I forgot my log in info. Turns out 3 years after I was first sorted, the sorting hat placed me again in Ravenclaw! I’m so excited!

HAHAHA oops, i'm bad at details. BUT hahahhahah so so so true, like i kind of was like "Um..." and i'm just not going to fight it because wtf ??? um how

right?! like, how do you even begin to argue?